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Basic Obedience – For dogs with little to no training, to establish a framework of obedience and respect


The foundation of our basic obedience course is to build a solid relationship between you and your dog, built on mutual respect and understanding. We begin by teaching your dog basic commands including sit, down and a recall. These simple commands, executed with precision and consistency, will teach your canine dependable obedience to give you peace of mind in any situation.


Advanced Obedience – Give your dog the off leash freedom you want and they deserve


This program is for the owner who wants to take their well-behaved best friend to the next level. We teach your dog, applying the same techniques and commands as our fundamental course, adding the challenge of off leash obedience. We instill attention on the owner in our dogs at all times and under high levels of distractions, simulating real life interactions to stress the importance of the recall command.


Problem Solving – Stop chewing on my shoes or I’ll call Reliable Canines!


We work with dogs of all ages and training levels on problems from separation anxiety to aggression. At Reliable Canines we identify the cause of the underlying issue and define steps that you and your canine can follow to alleviate the concern and foster a more well behaved and predictable pet.


The Perfect Puppy – Jump start your puppy’s obedience and socialization skills for a brighter future


This can be the most overlooked program for a dog, but can also be one of the most important. This program is designed for puppies under the age of 6 months, at a time when your dog can either develop problems that can take a lifetime to correct or the good habits of a happy, obedient pet. The program is based on the creation of a strong bond between owner and canine, and focuses as well on socialization at such an important time in your dog’s life. We cover house training and other “puppy basics” to put your new best friend on the right path to dogie adulthood.

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